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  • A proven appoach

    Our evidence-based approach delivers real results. Join our ongoing scientific study and learn the impact of Fitmo on your workforce's overall health.

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    In contrast to other health and lifestyle apps, Fitmo shows three times higher engagement levels compared to market standards. Why? The human factor!

  • No results, no costs

    Our solution works! So much so that we guarantee results. You only pay for engaged users using the service and on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

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Proven results

Fitmo is currently undergoing a scientific study to better understand the impact of preventative lifestyle coaching on the most significant influencers of productivity and presenteeism. This study is being conducted in collaboration with leading universities and other clinical partners.

  • Fewer Burnouts

    A 28% decrease in the number of employees with an elevated risk of burnout.

  • Higher Engagement

    A 17% increase in the number of engaged and enthusiastic employees.

  • Less Stress

    A 21% decrease in the number of employees experiencing stress.

And so much more….

  • Fitmo is a great new employee benefit.
  • Attract a larger and wider range of new employees.
  • Reduce staff turnover by retaining employees longer.
  • Help employees move on if they’re not in the right position.
  • Build a positive workplace atmosphere and boost loyalty.
  • Become more socially responsible

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