6 Week Beach Body Program

Coached by Jan Volmer

This workout program is all you need to get the body that you want. It’s designed to strengthen your core and improve your overall strength. You’ll get plenty of cardio from performing intense supersets and burning off more calories than you would from “boring” long bouts of conventional cardio. With the proper nutrition, you’ll have plenty of energy to go full-steam and recover quickly. Don’t forget – pre-workout nutrition is necessary for performance and post-workout nutrition is necessary for progress. Looking forward to training you towards that banging beach body!

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Recommended fitness level:


For this package, it is recommended that you can do all bodyweight exercises with no equipment required, that you can perform 10 pushups (military or on the knees), and that you have the right attitude!

Program summary:

WEEK 1 : A fitness test for me to see your current level.

WEEK 2 : An introduction to bodyweight training to activate your core.

WEEKS 3-5 : Intense bodyweight workouts.

WEEK 6 : HELL WEEK! Maximum effort.

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What you’ll get with this program


Unlimited messaging with Jan

Monthly checkins & feedback

48 workouts/physical activities

12 recipes / nutritional tips

4 lifestyle tips

2 mental tips

About Jan Volmer

location_coaches Amsterdam         37

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast and nutritional coach for years. As a personal trainer, I specialise in functional training and I’m convinced that it’s the most effective and healthiest way to build muscle and/or burn fat. Want the best results? Then you have to put combined effort into your trainings, nutrition and overall lifestyle. The 6 week beach body program is a great example of this formula, and will deliver great results. I look forward to breaking boundaries together with you, and guiding you towards reaching your banging beach body!


Client reviews     score_jan

“Jan’s program got me into shape faster than I could believe”

“Tough workouts but very rewarding in the end”

“His social way of coaching motivates me every time I need it”

“Jan is a highly qualified professional and a great coach”

Jan’s specialties

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Contact Jan

Do you have any questions about my training program? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!



Some of the awesome features you’ll get!


A rich schedule full of workouts,
exercises, recipes, tips and tricks!


Direct text and video messaging with
your coach for feedback and motivation.


Time based workouts with clear
video examples.


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