10K Run – 4 workouts per week – Intermediate


Created by Haile Gebrselassie, coached by Haile’s reps

The 10k training program will help you to reach your running goal – running a 10k race in 12 weeks time. I will guide you through the training program with 4 different training sessions every week so we can work on both your endurance and speed. I will also give you tips, nutritional and running advice, recipes and I’ll even share some life stories with you. I hope I can inspire you and help you in reaching your running goal!

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Recommended fitness level:


You are an intermediate if you have participated in firm workouts and physical activities in the past. If you are currently physically active at a casual level, or if you believe that you can build up your fitness level from your past experience, then this level is suitable for you.

Program summary:

With this training program you will have 4 training sessions every week; 1 interval training, 2 long runs and 1 tempo run. We’ll start slowly and increase the length of your runs every week. We will also implement a few strength exercises prior to the interval training sessions. This way, your body will become stronger, get used to the training and be ready for the race. If you can, you should participate in a 5k or 3 mile race in weeks 6, 7, or 8 – a great test for your 10k race. After 11 weeks of training, it’ll be time to take some rest. The training sessions in the last week will be significantly shorter, so you’ll be well rested before race day!

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What you’ll get with this program


Unlimited messaging with Haile’s team

Monthly checkins & feedback

57 workouts / physical activities

12 recipes / nutritional tips

73 lifestyle tips

30 mental tips


About Haile Gebrselassie

location_coaches Addis Ababa, Ethiopia           43

Haile Gebrselassie is a retired Ethiopian long-distance track and road running athlete. He won 2 Olympic gold medals over 10,000 m and 4 World Championship titles. He won the Berlin Marathon 4x consecutively and also had 3 straight wins at the Dubai Marathon. He won 4 world titles indoors and was the 2001 World Half Marathon Champion. Haile had major competition wins at distances between 1500 m & marathon, moving from outdoor, indoor and cross country running to road running in the latter part of his career. He broke 61 Ethiopian national records, set 27 world records, and is widely considered the greatest distance runner in history.

Client reviews     haile_score_95

“Haile’s program improved my condition faster than I could believe”

“The workouts are tough, but very rewarding in the end”

“Haile’s video tips motivate me, every time I need it”

“Haile’s team are highly qualified pro’s, and great coaches!”

Haile’s specialities:

  • Running
  • Strength training
  • Marathons
  • Trail running
  • Mental coaching

Contact Haile’s team

Do you have any questions about Haile’s training program? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with his team of representatives!


Some of the awesome features you’ll get with Fitmo!


A rich schedule full of workouts,
exercises, recipes, tips and tricks!


Direct text and video messaging with
your coach for feedback and motivation.


Time based workouts with clear
video examples.



Get tips & support from Haile’s handpicked team of coaches.


Haile’s team consist of experts in their field who specialise in training for running events and marathons. They have worked closely together with Haile to create his training programs, and to make sure that all of his tips, knowledge, content and experience are communicated seamlessly to you, so that you get the best out of your training program. Chatting with Haile’s team will be as if you are chatting with Haile himself, and you will be getting the full Haile training experience through their support. After all, they are certified running coaches handpicked by Haile himself!

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