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Backed by extensive research from leading universities and experts.

  • Mental health

    Online coaching is proven to be just as effective as in-person therapy.

  • Weight loss

    75% of participants successfully lost weight with app-based coaching intervention.

  • High blood pressure

    49% of participants improved by and entire hypertensive stage.

We connect with most health and sports trackers allowing you to easily share your activities with your coach.

  • Mike

    Managed stress
    Stress had been really affecting my life but my coach really helped me out!
  • Helen

    Quit smoking
    I'd tried everything to quit smoking, but my coach was there to motivate me the whole way- now going on 2 months smoke free.
  • Gregory

    Help with a chronic condition
    My coach was really knowledgeable about my heart condition and gave me great advice on how to work healthy habits into my life.

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